EU directive and amendment to the Building Act

Pursuant to EU Directive No. 2018/844, the amendment to the Building Code came into force on 10.03.2021 for new or significantly renovated residential and non-residential buildings (commercial buildings, hospitals, hotels, etc.) with more than 10 parking spaces. In such residential and non-residential buildings, wiring infrastructure must be installed in each parking space so that everyone can install a charger for their electric car. The wiring infrastructure must be installed in at least one in five and the charging point of the electric car in at least one parking space.

Existing non-residential buildings with more than 20 parking spaces shall be equipped with a charging station in at least one parking space before 01.01.2025.

Who is our customer?

  • Office and commercial space owners
  • Fleet owners
  • Apartment associations and apartment buildings
  • Real estate developers
  • Car dealers
  • Hotels and restaurants

Office and commercial property owners
The average Estonian spends 8 hours at work, 8 hours at home and 8 hours while sleeping. With the help of Elektrum, you can reach the most suitable charging solution both at work and at home.
Creating the ability to charge electric cars provides clear added value for a company that cares about its employees and customers.

Fleet owners
If the company owns or plans to buy electric cars, it is also necessary to build charging infrastructure. Elektrum helps to create a charging infrastructure and chooses a solution that allows you to charge more cars at once without the need for additional network connection.

Managing your car park requires identifying your charging needs in order to make a plan and determine your options. Elektrum creates a solution according to needs and charging frequency. This significantly improves the efficiency of car use.

Apartment associations and apartment buildings
In the case of new and significantly reconstructed residential buildings, wiring infrastructure must be installed in each parking lot so that the occupant can install a charger for his or her electric car.
Elektrum can help you create the best charging solution.

Real estate developers
As cars are parked for an average of 6-14 hours both at work and at home, it is efficient to use this time to charge an electric car. For a real estate developer, the integration of an electric car charging solution into a new or existing building will improve the building's profitability, energy efficiency and the opportunity to earn additional revenue from providing electric car charging services in cooperation with Elektrum. On commercial premises, the car charging service is convenient and transparent for companies. This makes it easy to calculate the cost of the charging service for each employee and office guest and arrange billing if necessary.

Car dealers
Electric cars are gaining more and more market share year after year, and the future is definitely in the electric car industry. Car dealers are transforming electric cars and can provide knowledge and solutions to future electric car owners. We encourage all car dealers to work with companies that provide full loading services.

Hotels and restaurants
Hotels and restaurants can delight customers with electric cars with efficient and high-quality charging services in their car parks.

Elektrum can help you find and install a suitable charging solution so that the customer has a pleasant charging experience.

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