Elektrum brand story

For decades, it was important for energy suppliers to demonstrate their strength, technological progress and control. That gave the customer a sense of security and certainty for the future. However, there was often no opportunity to enjoy a personal service or freedom of choice.

Now that the electricity market is open, customers can make their own decisions. They want to find a partner who is indeed orientated to the customer, who is not only technologically capable, but also understands what the customer actually needs with respect towards the customer and his preferences.

Elektrum was created with a view to making customers’ lives comfortable, supporting them on the energy market by making complicated things simple and customer-friendly as well as offering them favourable energy solutions.

Whatever we do, we always bear in mind 3 main factors:


We see energy as a source of life and comfort. We are a dynamic and customer-orientated energy supplier who follows progress and accordingly adapts to customers’ needs. We try to improve life in an active and positive manner.

Personal approach

We value each customer as a person and respect and consider his/her needs. We provide various solutions and products so that each customer will find the most suitable package. Above all, Elektrum is human energy – the energy of our employees who are dedicated to our customers. We approach our customers individually and take personal responsibility for finding the best solutions. 

Smartness and simplicity

These days, nothing is stable and life is in constant motion – progress and improvement is a part of our daily life. We know that by offering the most contemporary energy solutions that our customers need we are able to make their lives easier and better. Whatever our technological development, we translate it into a simple, customer-friendly language. Let us not talk about technology alone – let us talk about the advantages it will create for our customers. In our opinion, simplicity is what’s behind the greatest wisdom. 

Elektrum – your friendly energy