Joint invoice

We have delightful news that will make life easier for all Elektrum’s private customers. Elektrum is issuing a joint invoice with Elektrilevi for both electricity and network service. The first joint invoice was delivered to customers in February 2017 for consumption in January. The customers of all other network operators will still have to pay two invoices.

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Elektrum’s e-service will be closed from 2 PM on 29 September until 30 September 2014

Please be informed that Elektrum’s e-service will be closed from 2 PM on 29 September until 30 September 2014.

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Direct Debit service will be replaced by E-Invoice with fixed payment

From February 1, 2014 the banks operating in Estonia, due to new European Union regulations, will go from direct debit to a fixed payment of an e-invoice.

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Elektrum to start supplying electricity for rapid charging points for electric cars

Elektrum Eesti has been awarded the contract under the public procurement organised by KredEx, and starting from December 2013 Elektrum will be supplying electricity to nearly all the rapid charging points across Estonia.

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Elektrum to introduce new electricity plans on the market

Elektrum Eesti started with its sales campaign. All electricity consumers signing a contract with Elektrum during October will take part of the raffle of Samsung TV-sets and main prize - a trip to Sochi Winter Olympics!

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No need to invent a price cap for the electricity market

Last week, the idea cropped up to restrict the electricity price in Estonia's price area by imposing a price cap on the electricity market and linking to the electricity price in Finland's area. Elektrum Eesti sees no need for this kind of regulation, since it has been offering, since last February, an exchange package with a safe price corridor that mitigates the risks of any such price fluctuations for the consumer.

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Peak prices on the exchange cancel out a seemingly attractive option

Exchange price 7.567 cents per kWh today! During the first month of the summer, price levels on the Nord Pool Spot electricity exchange have been above average, and those who have opted for exchange packages the upcoming months need not bring any clear relief either based on the experience of previous years.

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