Changes to the Management Board of Elektrum Eesti, OÜ, the subsidiary of Latvenergo AS

15. Sep 2017
Starting from 11 September of this year, the duties of the Chairman of the Management Board of Elektrum Eesti, OÜ will be performed by Andrus Liivand, who previously was the Manager of Business Customer Sales Department of the company.

The former Chairman of the Management Board Uldis Mucinieks will continue working in the Supervisory Board of Elektrum Eesti, OÜ.

The previous experience of Andrus includes the position of the Sales and Marketing Manager at TNT Express Worldwide Eesti AS, and the Sales and Marketing Director at Officeday Estonia, OÜ.

As the Chairman of the Management Board of Elektrum Eesti, OÜ Andrus will focus on even greater strengthening of positions of Elektrum in Estonia: “Elektrum is already a stable and the second largest electricity trader in Estonia. We are a part of the largest electricity retail trade company in the Baltics – Latvenergo. I can promise to our existing reliable and loyal customers, and also to new customers, that we will continue to develop and improve the range of our services in the future, in order to provide them with the highest value added in the electricity market of Estonia.”

Elektrum Eesti, OÜ and Elektrum Lietuva, UAB are subsidiaries 100% owned by Latvenergo AS, which deal with electricity supply in Lithuania and Estonia.

Latvenergo Group is the leading electricity trading in the Baltics with approximate market share constituting 30% of the total Baltic electricity market. The amount of electricity supplied outside Latvia comprises almost 1/3 of the total retail electricity supply and is by 20% more than the supply volume of competing electricity suppliers in Latvia.