Direct Debit service will be replaced by E-Invoice with fixed payment

23. Dec 2013
From February 1, 2014 the banks operating in Estonia, due to new European Union regulations, will go from direct debit to a fixed payment of an e-invoice.

When in the case of direct debit and the service provider sends the invoice to a person with a claim for payment to the bank, then from now on Elektrum will send an e-invoice and the bank will automatically perform the required transfer for the client. The e-invoice sent to client can be seen in the Internet bank.

If client currently has a direct debit for payment of electricity invoices, nothing will change for the client. Also, client does not have to do anything to make the transition to fixed payment of e-invoices. We will activate the service automatically in cooperation with banks for all customers who are direct debit users as of 24.01.2014. 

Fixed payment service of an e-invoice is a service offered by banks, which is why we recommend inquiring about the precise conditions of service from the bank.

The change does not affect the sending of invoices by Elektrum today - we will keep sending invoices to the customer according to the customer's preference - for example, on paper or by e-mail. 

For further questions contact us for free on our customer service phone: 800 5555 or by e-mail: