Elektrum to start providing solar energy solutions

21. May 2018
There are 170 000 potential solar energy users in Estonia. Elektrum will become the first electricity retailer in Estonia to start offering instalment-based ready-to-use solar energy solutions for residential customers, apartment associations and small businesses. The Sun Click package includes the sale of a solar power station with interest-free repayments over five years, and in addition, Elektrum will repurchase any excess energy from the micro-producer.

Elektrum constructs solar power stations on the “turn-key” principle: it consults on the most appropriate solution, supplies and installs high-quality solar panels in cooperation with Naps Solar Eesti, and helps with connections to the network operator and all processes until the installation comes into operation. After the conclusion of the micro-producer contract, Elektrum buys back electricity produced from the panels that has not been consumed by the producers themselves. With the Sun Click package, producers can purchase a power installation with a 15% down payment, with the remainder of the purchase price covered with monthly instalments over the next five years. The standard package includes between 10 and 34 panels in a solar panel set, meaning the station produces between 3 and 10 kW of electricity. In special circumstances, sets of up to 200 kW can also be ordered. The selection includes the premium Estonian-produced mono-crystalline panels with a capacity of 310 W, and the more budget-friendly polycrystalline panels, with a capacity of 275 W.Aland_Pallas200SBW_2,4kW_72dpi.jpg

Andrus Liivand, CEO of Elektrum Eesti: “Elektrum is the first electricity retailer in Estonia to offer quick and convenient solar panel installations to residential and small business clients. This is an investment in the future that can increase our independence from volatile electricity prices, improve buildings’ energy efficiency, increase property values and lead to a more environmentally friendly life.”

Ander Pukk, CEO of Naps Solar Eesti: “We have produced the Nordics’ top quality solar panels in Estonia since 2001, but Naps has almost 40 years of experience in this field. Elektrum is a strong retail firm in the energy sector that is very well suited to our resale concept. A favourable instalment option makes our products more accessible to the Estonian people.”

There are between 850 and 1200 hours of sunshine a year in Estonia, which is the same as in Germany, where solar panels are very popular. For example, a solar energy installation of 3.72 kW, which is enough for household usage, comprises 12 mono-crystalline panels and produces 3300 kWh of electricity per year, the majority between March and October. The down payment for the Sun Click package is 1095 euros, and over five years, the user will pay 103 euros per month. The purchase price is independent of whether the full solar panel solution is paid for in instalments or whether the construction of the installation is paid for in one lump sum.

Elektrum’s solar panel solutions are particularly suitable for households, but the company also views apartment associations and small businesses as potential clients. Elektrum does not use banks, leasing companies or loan associations in financing.  

Based on Elektrum’s data, Estonia has around 170 000 one- or two-family or terraced houses, apartment associations and commercial buildings that could use solar energy solutions.

Elektrum has been operating in Estonia for over ten years, and is owned by the largest electricity producer and one of the leading electricity retail firms in the Baltic States, the Latvenergo Group. The company’s goal is to offer energy consumers the greatest added value in addition to electricity and natural gas. Unique electricity packages with electricity installations and insurance against home appliance malfunction are available for companies, apartment associations and private consumers.

Additional information: Andrus Liivand, CEO, Elektrum Eesti, +372 715 0068 andrus.liivand@elektrum.ee