Joint invoice

20. Apr 2017
We have delightful news that will make life easier for all Elektrum’s private customers. Elektrum is issuing a joint invoice with Elektrilevi for both electricity and network service. The first joint invoice was delivered to customers in February 2017 for consumption in January. The customers of all other network operators will still have to pay two invoices.

What will change?

As of February, we are specifying both network service and electricity fees on invoices submitted to Elektrilevi’s customers. With regard to the joint invoice, you will have to turn to Elektrum with questions concerning the invoices. 

Joint invoice will be paid to Elektrum Eesti. This means that Elektrilevi’s network fees that are specified on our joint invoice will have to be paid to Elektrum Eesti. We recommend checking defined payments prepared for Elektrilevi’s invoices in your bank. You should also check limits for e-invoice standing orders to Elektrum Eesti OÜ, because you will also be paying Elektrum for Elektrilevi’s network fees.

What will remain the same?

Submitting consumption data will remain the same, i.e. whether it takes place automatically or you submit consumption data (readings) to your network operator.

You should still contact Elektrilevi OÜ with regard to other services, including network contracts, offered by Elektrilevi OÜ.

Recommendation of Elektrum Eesti for paying joint invoices

We recommend a contract for an e-invoice standing order for a more convenient payment of invoices. For this, request an e-invoice from Elektrum Eesti and enter into a contract for a standing order at the bank. You will need your personal identification code and our contract number to request an e-invoice. You will need Elektrum’s contract number, our company’s full name (Elektrum Eesti OÜ) and requisite information to enter into a contract for an e-invoice standing order.

Bank accounts of Elektrum Eesti OÜ:

SEB Bank: IBAN: EE651010220113267018

Swedbank:IBAN: EE852200221055633162

Nordea Bank: IBAN: EE801700017003249686

Find more detailed information about requesting an e-invoice and entering into a contract for a standing order at your bank.