Power generation

Elektri tootmine.pngElektrum’s mother company is one of the leading power and heat producers in the Baltic States. 

The majority of the energy we produce comes from renewable energy sources:

Hydro power plants - Pļaviņas hydro power plant, Riga hydro power plant, Ķegums hydro power plant, Aiviekste hydro power plant;

• Power stations operating on wood fuel;

Wind farms and boiler plants - Ainaži wind farm, Ķegums boiler plant; 

• Very efficient combined heat plants working on gas - Riga TEC-1, Riga TEC-2, etc.;

Pursuant to the strategic objectives of Elektrum, manufacturing capacity and product diversity cannot be increased by increasing CO2 emissions. The use of green technology is affirmed by reconstruction projects of the first and second block of TEC-2 as a result of which the existing devices will be replaced by more modern ones that emit less waste. After reducing environmental risks, they intend to continue with a modernisation project of the hydraulic unit of the River Daugava hydro power plant, which is important to ensure the safety of the station and increase the efficiency of production.

We are the biggest energy producer in Latvia, producing a total of 90% of the energy produced in Latvia in 2011.

At present, Elektrum's mother company is the second biggest clean electricity producer in Europe: 67% of our electricity is produced from renewable sources, and we are the third biggest clean energy producer in the European Union based on CO2 consumption per 1 MWh. Click here for more information.