Powered by Green

A green mindset – great impact on the environment, a small effect on your wallet!


It is clear that environmental conservation is more important than ever before nowadays and preserving the current status requires a great deal of work.

However, all major steps forward start from small ones, and you are able to do much in order to avoid wasting natural resources in vain: we are already familiar with e-invoices and signing documents digitally, but now, you as a private customer of Elektrum, are able to choose electricity that has been produced in an environmentally friendly manner! 


Powered by Green is electricity produced from 100% renewable energy sources with official guarantees of origin.

Furthermore, it is important for Elektrum that our big contribution to environmental conservation does not mean significantly higher costs for our clients. We are therefore selling electricity that originates from certified products of renewable energy in both Estonia as well as Europe – electricity produced from 100% renewable sources is cheaper than you could imagine!

In order to contribute to environmental conservation and use electricity originating from 100% renewable sources, please contact the Elektrum customer support.