What is the lowest possible temperature at which the heating system can be set to?

10 °C.

How do I get the equipment for the Elektrum Tark Kodu system?

We will send you the devices by post. Delivery costs are covered by us.

How long does the delivery of the equipment take?

It may take up to 14 days for the equipment to arrive after the order has been confirmed.

Is it possible to receive the Elektrum Tark Kodu devices even without a courier service?

No. Unfortunately, the Elektrum Tark Kodu devices are not available at our local customer service centers.

How do I pay for the Elektrum Tark Kodu equipment that I ordered?

You will receive the invoice for your order together with the equipment. If you decide to purchase the equipment with installment payments, we will add the monthly payments to your monthly electricity invoice.

Is the monthly fee for the Elektrum Tark Kodu system added to my monthly electricity invoice?

Yes, for Elektrum customers, a monthly fee is added to their monthly electricity invoice.

What is the maximum period for repayment in case of installment payments?

The repayment period of installment payments is up to 36 months maximum.

In case of installment payments, how much extra will I have to pay (interest)?

Elektrum's installment payments are interest-free and surcharge-free. You don't have to pay anything extra.

How long is the warranty period for the Elektrum Tark Kodu devices?

The devices have a 24-month warranty starting from the date you receive them.

Do I need to install any special wires or cables to install the Elektrum Tark Kodu system?

No. All you need for the control center device is electricity and an internet connection. In addition, it must be possible to connect the control center to your internet router via a network cable.

Do I need the control center device to use other devices?

Yes, the control center is required. It is the central device of the Elektrumi Tark Kodu system, through which other devices can be controlled.

How many control center devices are required?

One control center device is enough for one house. It can receive signals from an area of 500 m2. If the area of the house is larger than that, the reception area can be increased with the help of additional devices.

How much can I save on heating costs after installing the Elektrum Tark Kodu system?

It depends. The experience of the manufacturers shows that it is possible to save 10-30% of heating costs in one season, depending on the consumption habits, the lifestyle of the inhabitants and the thermal insulation of the building.

Do I need the help of a specialist to install the Elektrum Tark Kodu system?

No specialist assistance is required to install the basic equipment of Elektrum Tark Kodu. There is nothing complicated about the installation. Instructions for use and installation are included in the packaging of all the devices.

Can the Elektrum Tark Kodu system be controlled in all rooms with one application?

Yes, of course.

Where can I download the Elektrum Tark Kodu mobile application?

The app is available for free on the AppStore and GooglePlay.

The Elektrum Smart Home system can also be monitored online at elektrumtarkkodu.ee

Can the system also be controlled from other devices, i.e. from several devices at the same time?

The Elektrum Tark Kodu system can be controlled with the mobile application "Elektrum Tark Kodu" and also on the website elektrumtarkkodu.ee. You can control the system from several different devices if you have the application on every device.

Can the Elektrum Tark Kodu system be used without internet connection?

No. A permanent internet connection is required for the system to work.

What happens if the internet connection is lost?

The system continues to operate, but the real-time temperature display is no longer displayed and the user cannot change the settings. The system maintains the previously set default temperature until the internet connection is restored.

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