We enable companies and apartment associations to avoid additional electricity costs, based on the specifics of each customer individually. Flexible contract and competitive pricing terms.

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Solar power plants

Make use of your company's roof: a solar power plant offers the opportunity to use unused roof space to save on electricity costs and make the company independent of electricity price fluctuations.

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We offer companies even more convenient optimization of gas consumption costs - now you can buy natural gas and electricity from one seller.

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Green responsibility

As a business customer of Elektrum, you can now also choose environmentally friendly electricity for your company!

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Electrical risk insurance is a specially developed insurance product for Elektrum's business customers in cooperation with If Kindlustus.

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E-charging devices

With a public car charger, you can enable the charging of electric cars on the territory of your business property or apartment association!

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How can Elektrum be useful for your company

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