Electricity packages

Roheline Klõps

Powered by Green – a green energy solution produced from 100% renewable energy sources. Huge impact on the environment, small impact on your wallet! Roheline Klõps is a package where electricity is produced from 100% renewable energy sources and covered with official certificates of origin. Make your contribution to a greener future!

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Packages with fixed prices

Do you want full control over your costs and avoid the risks associated with price fluctuations in the electricity market? In an open market, electricity prices are affected by many different factors, such as heavy rainfall or low winter temperatures. Thanks to our long-term experience in the electricity market, we know how to forecast the average electricity price in advance for several years. No more worries over the fluctuating electricity price!

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Packages with exchange prices

Do you want to take advantages from the price fluctuations on the energy exchange and are ready to adjust your energy consumption accordingly? Historically, over a longer time period, electricity packages with exchange prices have been more cost effective, but the risks arising from market price fluctuations have to be always beared in mind.

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Packages for micro producers

Are you producing your own electricity? - Come join us at Elektrum! We’ll provide you with a complete solution for resale of your leftover energy as well as the electricity contract for your own consumption. If you are producing your own energy and have some leftover energy from your own consumption that you like to sell to the grid, you’ll also need to sign a micro producer contract with us. We offer packages with fixed as well as variable exchange prices!

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