Choose the electricity package that suits Your needs

Switching an electricity provider is easy and convenient, and most importantly - free of charge! The most convenient way to choose your electricity package and additional services is at our online self-service. This is also the most cost effective, as you can immediately use all of Elektrum's special offers.

Why choose Elektrum?


We are pleased to be part of Latvenergo, the largest electricity supply group in the Baltics connecting more than 740,000 customers in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Although we started our operations in Estonia just more than ten years ago, we have altogether 80 years of experience in the Baltic energy sector. This ensures the security and stability of our services.

Environmentally friendly

Almost 60% of the electricity produced by the Latvenergo Group comes from renewable energy sources, mainly hydro energy. We are pleased to be one of the greenest electricity producers in Europe.

Expert in solar power

We are proud of our customers who have already installed their own solar power plants, independently producing 100% renewable and affordable electricity for themselves. Already almost 200 customers from Estonia have chosen our solar energy solutions, and this number is growing rapidly.

Provider of new solutions

We are a constantly growing and a dynamically developing company that takes into account the changing needs of our customers. To always provide you the best and most modern solutions, we are constantly keeping our range of products and services updated. Our goal is to help you easily manage the energy costs of your home or business with smart and efficient solutions. In the near future, we will add the possibility to install electric car chargers for household consumers, as well as apartment associations and companies.

Is it difficult to change an electricity supplier?

Changing an electricity supplier is easier than it looks. You don't even have to leave home to make the changes.

1. Choose the right electricity package according to your electricity consumption needs. If necessary, consult our customer service specialists free of charge.

2. Sign a contract online at Elektrum's self-service environment. You can immediately use all our special offers.

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