Insurance for your home appliances

In cooperation with If Kindlustus, we are offering electricity packages that include electrical risk insurance. This protects you from possible damage caused by power fluctuations and lightning strikes in household appliances and equipment!

  • Kasulik Klõps Kindlustusega - 2-tariff electricity package with fixed price and insurance, suitable for larger consumption needs.
  • Väike Klõps Kindlustusega - 1-tariff electricity package with fixed price and insurance, suitable for smaller consumption needs.
  • Börsi Klõps Kindlustusega - electricity package with variable exchange price with insurance.
  • Roheline Klõps Kindlustusega - electricity package with fixed or exchange price where electricity is made from 100% renewable energy sources with insurance.

There are thousands of households in Estonia without electricity every day. Approximately twenty to one hundred thousand lightning strikes are recorded each year. Autumn storms also cause significant damage. While it is possible to anticipate and prevent damage with a storm, excavations in the neighborhood, for example, can also end in an unexpected power outage. Network operators should compensate for thousands of euros each year, but only do so at a very limited extent. Damage caused by thunder, however, is not compensated at all! 

In addition, ordinary home insurance does not usually cover home appliances that have become unusable due to electrical failures - according to our cooperation partner If Kindlustus, about 50% of Estonian households have home appliances that are not covered by their insurance policies.

The advantage of Elektrum's electrical risk insurance is the relatively low deductible, which in the case of ordinary insurance amounts to 100-200 euros. Thus, in the case of small appliance failures, where the price of the equipment can reach about the same level, the customer would no longer have any financial gain from the insurance. Oftentimes, however, it is small appliances that are the most vulnerable to electrical failures and thunderstorms.

That is why we are offering our electricity packages together with additional optional electrical risk insurance. A convenient solution that provides Elektrum's private customers protection against damages to their home appliances caused by electrical failures up to 1,000 euros per case and only 50 euros as deductible.

By choosing a package with insurance, your home appliances are always protected during power fluctuations and storms! You can sign the contract HERE.

The insurance service provider is If P&C Insurance AS. Check the terms and conditions at and, if necessary, ask for additional information on the Insurance Phone at +372 777 1211.

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