Elektrum and insurance

Having an insurance will give you a sense of security, as the losses will be covered in case of an accident, helping you overcome the consequences. 

There are thousands of households in Estonia without electricity every day. 
While it is possible to anticipate and prevent damage with a storm, excavations in the neighborhood, for example, can also end in an unexpected power outage. Network operators should compensate for thousands of euros each year, but only do so at a very limited extent. Damage caused by thunder, however, is not compensated at all! 

The contract also includes insurance for 24/7 home help services. After a lightning strike, the TV does not work, there is no electricity, the pipe explodes in the bathroom, the keys are lost or a storm has caused damage to your home, then the insurance comes to the rescue. 

In cooperation with an insurance company, we offer our customers a convenient and affordable opportunity to purchase insurance together with an electricity package.

  • Protect your electrical appliances from damage caused by unexpected surges, lightning, power surges or power outages. 
  • We will compensate damage to electrical equipment up to 1000 EUR per case (50 EUR deductible). 
  • Professional assistance 24/7 in case of lock failure, water emergency or damage to electrical devices.
  • We will compensate the damage caused during the unexpected failure up to 1,000 EUR per case (0 EUR deductible). 
  • The number of insurance cases per year is not limited. 

Read the general terms and conditions for insurance HERE
You can sign the contract HERE.

The insurance service provider is If P&C Insurance AS. Check the terms and conditions at www.elektrum.ee and, if necessary, ask for additional information on the phone at +372 711 5555. 

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