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Elektrum news

Elektrum to start providing solar energy solutions

There are 170 000 potential solar energy users in Estonia. Elektrum will become the first electricity retailer in Estonia to start offering instalment-based ready-to-use solar energy solutions for residential customers, apartment associations and small businesses. The Sun Click package includes the sale of a solar power station with interest-free repayments over five years, and in addition, Elektrum will repurchase any excess energy from the micro-producer.

Changes to the Management Board of Elektrum Eesti, OÜ, the subsidiary of Latvenergo AS

Starting from 11 September of this year, the duties of the Chairman of the Management Board of Elektrum Eesti, OÜ will be performed by Andrus Liivand, who previously was the Manager of Business Customer Sales Department of the company.

Joint invoice

We have delightful news that will make life easier for all Elektrum’s private customers. Elektrum is issuing a joint invoice with Elektrilevi for both electricity and network service. The first joint invoice was delivered to customers in February 2017 for consumption in January. The customers of all other network operators will still have to pay two invoices.