Solar energy solutions

Take advantage of your company’s or apartment association’s free rooftop or ground space by installing a small solar power plant. This will help you save on electricity costs and ensure your long-term energy independence. The production and use of 100% renewable energy contributes to a cleaner environment by reducing CO2 emissions and can help to improve your company’s image as a socially responsible company.

Elektrum offers a “keys in hand” full-service solution by supporting our customers on every step of the way from installing the plant to handling and arranging the necessary paperwork.

We offer different financing solutions to both companies and apartment associations to finance the installation of a solar power plant.

In addition to the immediate payment option for purchasing a solar power plant, we also offer our customers an option to pay in installments.

  • The installment payment period for Elektrum is up to 5 years, depending on the financial situation of the applicant and the guarantees available. The interest is 0% and the contract fee is 0 euros.
  • In addition to the immediate buy-out and installment payments options, Elektrum also offers PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) type solutions, where the customer's own investment in the solar power plant is absent. Elektrum builds the plant at its own expense and enters into a contract (PPA) with the company or apartment association for the use of the plant, on the basis of which you can consume the renewable energy produced in the plant at an agreed price.

Contact our solar energy specialists and together we will find the most suitable solution for your company or apartment association!

Solar panel station offer

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