How Elektrum can help you finance solar panels?

Elektrum instalment payments plan for solar power plants

We have created unique payment terms for our customers interested in installing a solar power plant.

Elektrum offers an instalment payments plan.

  • Elektrum repayment period up to 5 years
  • Starting from 15% initial down payment
  •  0% interest rate and 0 euros contract fee

The instalment payments plan is also available for legal entities (additional guarantee may be required)

A loan for solar panels from Swedbank

The loan is offered by Swedbank AS. Check the conditions and consult with specialists.

The initial percentage rate is 5.39% per annum under the following (example) conditions: loan amount €10,000, fixed interest rate 4.9% per annum, contract fee of €100, repayment period of 7 years, number of repayments 84, the sum of repayments €11,860.13, the total cost of the credit €1,860.13 , the total amount of the credit €11 960.13.

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