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Choose the electricity package that suits your needs

Switching an electricity provider is easy and convenient, and most importantly - free of charge! The most convenient way to choose your electricity package and additional services is at our online self-service. This is also the most cost effective, as you can immediately use all of Elektrum's special offers.

Electricity packages

Solar energy solutions

Solar power plants are an investment in the future that saves both the environment and money, enabling under favorable conditions up to 70% lower electricity costs. A solar power plant enables you to independently generate your own green electricity and become independent from market price fluctuations.

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Energy efficiency

We invite you to join our virtual tour to learn simple ways of reducing your electricity consumption and understand the impact of all the rooms and spaces in your home in optimizing your energy costs. Learn to manage your home more effectively!

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Electrical car charging

Electric cars and chargers have entered our street scene at an ever-increasing rate. Owning an electric car is a step towards a greener and more sustainable life. We offer a full electric car home charging service, which includes a high-quality charger, installation and 100% green energy.

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Do you value comfort and want a complete solution where one package includes both electricity and insurance?

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Renewable energy

Powered by Green is electricity produced from 100% renewable energy sources and covered by official certificates of origin.

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